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WGN 9 Midday News - Dr. Eugene Lipov

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Captain Heart, My Hero


By Gwen Mergian - Ever since I was a young child, I’ve loved listening to stories read aloud. Nowadays I tune into National Public Radio’s Selected Shorts, an audio treasure trove of short stories to get my fill. I especially like hearing stories read aloud while I iron, thus managing to combine two of my most soothing activities. Read More at Gwen's Blog...

Doctor writes children's book about heart health

Chicago Tribune - When Dr. Eugene Lipov could not find a book to help him explain the functions of the heart for his then 4-year-old son's preschool class, he decided he would just write his own.

With the help of his now 7-year-old son, Sam, Lipov spent the next two years writing and rewriting "The Adventures of Captain Heart," a book aimed at teaching kids age 3 to 7 about obesity prevention and heart health.

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Health News Digest

(HealthNewsDigest.com) - The first heart health promotion book aimed at children 3-7 years old has just been published by a Chicago physician and his six-year-old son.


A Recent Radio Review with Disney Radio

A Review/Recommendation from Professor Marian L. Fitzgibbon

Dear Dr. Lipov:

This letter is in strong support for new book “Adventures of Captain Heart “. It is very timely to address childhood obesity and the coronary artery disease that is an epidemic in the United States. Increasing studies show once children are seven, they’ve largely already determined whether they’ll get heart disease. The risk factors, even the early heart damage, are already in place. I applaud a new “super hero” approach to explain the need for regular exercise and the good nutrition. This may be a new and up coming tool in the “obesity wars” that we can ill afford to lose. The book is medically accurate and has the ability to speak to the young audience. Thank you for the opportunity to review it.

Marian L. Fitzgibbon, Ph~~ Professor, Medicine and Health Policy and Administration

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